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Friday, April 21, 2017

Talk to Your Power BI Visuals With Microsoft Cortana

You may have been modelling data and visualize through Power BI since many years. Have you ever thought speak to the data through Power BI visuals instead click and view. Microsoft Cortana empower us to speak to query the data and get the results without navigate the reports in traditional way.

Here are the 5 steps you need to integrate your Power BI reports with Cortana. (5 mins read)

Step 1

One of the very first step is to check whether your Windows version need to be 1511 or higher. You can check it by

Click Windows Icon and type “Your PC”

Check the Version whether greater than 1511

Step 2

Make sure your power BI account and windows account interconnected. 

Click windows go to settings and Click Accounts 

Click Access Work or School Tab. It shows all the accounts added with your windows account. If you have not added your power BI account here, its time to add and link with your windows PC 

Step 3

Make sure your PC is connected with O365

Go to Cortana icon in your task bar and click Notebook.

Select “Connected Services” See whether O365 is enabled.

Step 4

Create Power BI report. In this particular type of  reports we called as Power BI Cortana cards. 
  • Open Power BI desktop and go to Format section. 
  • Under the Page Information tab. Provide the Name for your report or card.
  • Enable Q&A
  • Add alternative names. (These names using when question from Cortana). I typed here Finance Data. Then I have to speak or type "Finance Data" to talk to the report through database.

Go to the page size section and select Type as Cortana

I'm not going to show you the Power BI report creating steps

Deploy the Power BI Cortana card you created

Step 5

Log in to power service account and go to settings.

Go to Dataset tab and select your data set. 
Make sure you have checked the option "Allow Cortana to access this dataset" . 

Now you almost finished the steps for enable Cortana to access your Power BI report. 

Lets try Cortana 😊

Goto and Click Cortana in Windows Task bar. and click mic button and ask the question you given in the report format settings Q&A Section. 

According to my case I would say "Finance data" or else you can type.

Then select the Cortana card loaded in the results

Interesting part is you can filter-out your results by asking different questions like ....

Note : Sometimes it will take around 10 mins to sync your Power BI Cortana card you published in service with with your windows account.