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Thursday, August 3, 2017

How To : Uninstall SQL Server Analysis Services Instance (SSAS)

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You may NOT ever wanted to un-install Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services instance. Even things were same for me until now. I needed to un-install existing multidimensional instance in client environment and install Analysis Services Tabular instance for development. There are no-straight forward way to do and even the steps provided on Tech-net  did not work for me. Lets have a look at pretty straight forward simple steps to do in order to remove your AS instance. 

Prerequisites :
In order to do this, you might mount the SQL Server Installation image mount and locate as the setup.exe path. In my case its F:\ drive the iso mounted

Steps :

1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator model in the server or PC you need to perform uninstallation.

2. Type the below command and run


In above command has below parameters.

1- Installation setup path
2- Action performed. In here we are going to un-install
3- Feature we are going to remove. That is AS which indicates Analysis Services instance
4- Exact name of your AS instance

3. Once you run the above command you will be able to un-install SSAS instance


After hit the bar you will be able to un-install your AS instance successfully 😃

1 comment:

  1. Thank you. This helped uninstall my AS.